COP21 – First Day: Side Event on Climate Change Communication

By Simeon Max
The first day at COP21 was great – a wealth of impressions:  Hundreds or even thousands of people from all around the world, countless presentations by countries, NGOs, and other groups. Trying to get myself organized and decide on my schedule.
One very interesting event that I have attended was the IPCC Side Event entitled “From science to solutions: uses and strategies of IPCC communications for a climate-changing world”. The panelists provided insights on the existing strategies and concerns in communicating hard scientific data to a broad community, including policy makers, media, companies, the public, et cetera. As most of us IFSA students are scientists, we can ask ourselves similar questions: How would you design a scientific report to make it understandable by everyone? Which channels would you use to communicate?
A glimpse on future IPCC reports… According to Housing Lee, Chair of the IPCC, plans are to emphasize more the possible solutions to climate change, and base these solutions on the underlying drivers. Referring to climate services such as social justice, water sufficiency or clean air in cities, I want to conclude with a quote from Paul Lussier, Director of the Science Communications with Impact Network at the Yale University: “We shouldn’t keep asking: What can you do for the climate? But rather explore: What can the climate do for you?”
Please leave your comments below! Let us know if you want different or additional information! We will listen to you!
Stay tuned…

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