Day two at the COP21 is over

By Eva von Schönebeck


Today, I attend several events at COP. The most impressive one was the plenary session in which every country, Organization and NGO could give their statements to the COP21 Paris Agreement, what they are expecting, focusing on or would like to change. So 10.000 people in just one room where listening and I could sit in between and really feel like being part of something greater.

As today is the forest day of COP21 many events related especially to REDD+ took place. One of them was the Global Consumption and Tropical Deforestation: The Case for REDD+.
Emissions from deforestation are embodied in globally traded commodities: Emission are consumed by EU for beef production, soy production etc. This means the Emissons are indirect importet into the EU.
By reducing tropical deforestation, global climate mitigation can be cooler, cheaper and faster.
But, tropical forests’ share of climate finance are less their potential in reducing emissions. This is where the REDD+ Programme is for further interest.
A case study on palm oil and deforestation in Indonesia and the implementation of REDD+ here gives some further insights.
What EU actors can do to halt deforestation from palm oil?
Emission from deforestation for palm oil plantations are equally divided between agriculture and land use change.
But the consumption of palm oil is still increasing, how can this demand be met?
So far only by plantation expansion resulting in increased deforestation.
Other options would be:
• Curb increase in palm oil demand
– less fatty diet
– Reduce supply chain waste
• EU companies can encourage sustainable intensification, thereby minimizing the need for plantation area expansion.
Steer expansions away from forest areas by certification. Large potential on degraded land


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