Day 3: today something technical

By Eva von Schönebeck

Technology Mechanism: Enhancing climate technology development and transfer

The UNFCCC’s Technology Mechanism supports developing countries to develop and transfer
climate technologies so that they can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to
the effects of climate change. The Technology Mechanism has two bodies, the
Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and the Climate Technology Centre and Network
(CTCN), which work together to address both policy and implementation aspects of climate technology.
In the sideevent I visited today, a report was given in how these two bodies worked in the past, which achievements they had and what their latest involvements are.
Both bodies work the way, that they provide knowledge only on request from developing countries. This means, the countries are identifying their needs themselves, which simplifies the matching process of their needs.
The event seemed to be quiet technically and you may wonder why this was of further interest to me? If you have followed the COP21 a little, you probably have figured out, that a lot of the side events are broaching the issue of methods and funding. So I was interested in how mitigation and adaptation can be implemented and what the UNFCCC does realize this.
I am looking forward for the next days to come!


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