Time for Innovative Carbon Monitoring System

By: Asti Aryudhea Utama

Hi! It is great to be here and the atmosphere here in the venue is so great, full of spirit and everyone is exciting to be actively involved to reach the best decision this year.

As we know, every day there are many side events held in COP. Every side events has different interesting theme to discuss, but in this article I just want to share you one of side events I attended, and I think it was consist of something that is innovative because it is new system supported with modern technology and it will be great to be adapted to other counties.

The side event was “Strategic Climate Change Partnership : Opportunities and actions in Developing Countries”. The discussion was about the actions to monitoring the carbon emission and the respond actions to combat climate change. What made me interested about this side event was because it is important to see how the actions to combat climate change from all the nations are, included developing countries. As we know, many of developing countries are having difficulty in funding to build technology to protect their country from big impact of climate change. The discussion was highlighting the role of strategic partnerships and policies in implementing climate change actions from developing countries. Discussion was focused on the way to combat climate change through climate change legislation, low emissions development, climate change agriculture, renewable energy resources, SLEEK (The System for Land-Based Emissions Estimation in Kenya). SLEEK is the system that accurately estimates and tracks its carbon emissions in the land sector. The most interesting topic in this side event from my perspective is (SLEEK).  SLEEK will help to put information to communities. SLEEK will provide data that used to develop apps that can help farmers and communities in a wide range of ways, such as informing decisions about which crop need to be planted, how many cattle their land can support, and the data about trees that are  likely to survive. Maybe need big funding for this system, but I think the use of this system is great to be adapted to other countries as the way to effectively involved in climate change action. Because to monitoring the carbon emission is important to know what should we do as the respond of the carbon condition.

Further information can be seen in this website : http://www.sleek.environment.go.ke/


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the International Forestry Students’ Association.




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